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GATSBY is a Pop and R&B artist out of Brooklyn, New York. A self-made man, GATSBY embodies the hustle, lifestyle, and elite swagger of a modern day Jay Gatsby. Carrying this same confidence into his music, the result is a powerful and smooth POP/R&B sound that pulls listeners into GATSBY’s world.  


Even before embracing his artistic persona, GATSBY grew up ambitious. Living through a challenging childhood, GATSBY was always driven to make a name for himself and break free of the crippling self-doubt that his former environment had instilled in him. Through constant exposure to music, GATSBY came to recognize his own self-worth and began to appreciate his unique abilities and talents. GATSBY acquired his multi-engine pilot's certificate and founded a private aviation company at the age of 20. Soon after, he found himself rubbing shoulders with the most elite and powerful people in the world. Now is the time for GATSBY to pursue his first love with the same tenacity, music.


GATSBY is using music to share his story with listeners through a bold, new rhythmic sound.  Recently, GATSBY released the singles “Let You Go” and "Somebody Else" both are upbeat top 40 tracks that are sure to attract viral attention. Hoping to drive on the success of “Let You Go” and "Somebody Else" GATSBY is currently working on a larger unnamed project slated for release in the near future.

Planes and Stars Transparent


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